Bio Force 1.7

The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym – A Compact Full-Body Gym

The Bio Force 1.7 home gym may seem like an entry-level system, but it offers such a smooth and natural range of motion that it has won over many former users of Bowflex and other home gyms.

The Gym

A comprehensive guide is included that illustrates the 100 exercises you can do on the Bio Force 1.7 home gym, plus a nutrition planner and cardio guide.Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym
The full specs on the gym include:

  • 170 lbs of TNT System Resistance
  • Two-position removable seat
  • Lat Tower
  • Leg Developer
  • No Change Cable Pulley System
  • Dimensions/Wt – 65″L x 53″W x 82″H / 174 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year frame & parts
  • Comes with accessory case, chromed steel handles, padded foot harnesses, and triceps rope

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The Buzz

The TNT system (Total Nitrocell Technology) is comprised of two nitrogen-charged cylinders providing fluid resistance throughout each range of movement. This machine looks like a Bowflex which is why the two are frequently compared head-to-head. But that’s where the comparison ends as the Bio Force 1.7 home gym leaves the old school Bowflex far behind. The key reason is that Bowflex uses Power Rods that bend providing resistance. As the rod is bent into an arc, resistance increases slowly building to up to the selected weight, then the resistance drops off significantly on the negative (downward motion), as the rod straightens. The TNT hydraulics on the Bio Force 1.7 offers the user smooth, continuous resistance throughout the press, from start to finish. It is a far superior mechanical design for a home gym.

Another important point to note about the Bio Force 1.7 is the no-change cable system that allows you to move quickly from one exercise to the next, completing your sets in less time without fussy change-ups. The Slide-N-Lock mechanism adjusts the tension from 10 pounds up to a max of 170 pounds in seconds. Do not let the short 1-year warranty fool you; the Bio Force 1.7 is a well-built home gym that offers the complete workout you want in a compact system. The gym works every muscle group including a lat station for back and abs, a leg developer, and multiple arm articulation for chest, shoulders, and arms. The seat is quickly removable for the user to do standing exercises and squats.

The reviews on Bio Force home gyms are excellent with customer satisfaction at about 95%. Many new owners are former Bowflex owners who say that the Bio Force 1.7 home gym is a superior machine in terms of construction, execution of the movements, and the constant resistance. These happy customers, who have many years of experience with home gyms, universally praise this affordable machine. It ships in two boxes but easily assembles in about two hours.

Our Take

The Bio Force 1.7 has a list price of $999 but sells on Amazon for $799. This is one of the better full-body home gyms you will find at this price and its compactness and solid feel will surprise you. It even comes with chrome handles, ankle straps, and rope for triceps pulldowns! If you have been thinking of spending a lot on a Bowflex, do yourself a favor and investigate all that the Bio Force 1.7 home gym has to offer. If the TNT system of resistance doesn’t appeal to you and you are leaning towards getting a traditional selectorized stack, check out the award winning Powerline BSG10X home gym at just $769.