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Gold’s Home Gyms – Compact Size, Compact Price

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Gold’s home gyms are ideal for people who want the benefits of lifting weights at home without paying a lot for a system. While you enjoy the privacy of a personal workout gym, you also get to work on progressive resistance at your own pace, whenever you want. Don’t be surprised to learn that even critics consider Gold’s Gym home gyms a tremendous value priced at under $400.

Gold’s Gym International may already be familiar to you as the largest fitness club franchise chain in the world, but it has evolved far beyond its early “Muscle Beach” days in Venice Beach, CA, in 1965. Today the private membership gyms, as well as the home equipment line, vitamins, videos, energy drinks, apparel and all other products are licensed by other companies. Gold’s home gyms, now licensed by Icon Fitness, are geared towards novices rather than serious bodybuilders.

Minimal Design, Yet Offers 65 Exercises

Gold’s Gym generally has only one or two models available in any given year. The current design, the GS 2500, is reasonably priced. This compact home gym offers 150-lbs of resistance on the vinyl weight stack, adjustable seat height, lat bar, and ankle and hand straps.Golds Home Gyms

As for the exercise, you’ll find just the basics here: it offers a low pulley station, high pulley, and 4-pad leg developer. It also has a standing squat station (instead of a leg press) to isolate workouts on the quads, hammies, glutes, and calves. The Gold’s GS 2500 home gym also comes with an exercise chart to show you all the workouts you can perform.

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Home Gym Workouts on a Budget

Buying weight training equipment will normally cost at least $500 if you plan to purchase dumbbells, barbell and iron plates, extra weight plates, a chin up bar, and an adjustable weight bench. However, if you are new to the sport and want a safe, compact unit to get started on, this might be a good choice for you. Gold’s home gyms are very affordable for those on a budget and the small footprint makes these gyms ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space.