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NordicTrack Home Gyms -Variations in Muscle Recruitment

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With NordicTrack home gyms, you have the option of going all out with a complete set-up or starting off with a budget unit that is surprisingly good quality for under $600. With NordicTrack exercise equipment you can do all the exercises that other residential units offer yet save money and get in shape with some strenuous workouts.

In 1999, the worldwide fitness equipment giant Icon Fitness acquired the NordicTrack brand and developed it into part of its premier line of light commercial and home exercise equipment. In addition to treadmills, ellipticals and other cardio machines, NordicTrack makes a couple of very good specialized home gyms.

Variable, Progressive Exercises

The mainstay of the NordicTrack home gyms is the FreeMotion S83 Power System. The equipment uses pivoting pulleys to allow you to enjoy Free Motion variation inNordictrack Home Gyms your sets (much like using hand weights). The S83 offers 400-lbs of resistance and even includes a calf-raise station, something not found on many home gyms.

The other NordicTrack exercise gym is the inexpensive ($599) Personal Trainer III. This equipment is a small footprint unit that comes with an on-board personal visual trainer to show you what to do and tell you how many reps and sets to do. This trainer also has the Free Motion Technology, which is a fancy name for offering multi-plane variations of movements. Unlike traditional home gym equipment that offers single plane or fixed positions, the free range allows the users to lift in any direction, as one would do when exercising with a set of dumbbells. NordicTrack’s Personal Trainer III beats out other $600 units in that it offers not 160 lbs, but 220 lbs in its Continuous Resistance System (CRS).

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The CRS on both the S83 and Personal Trainer III applies resistance equally in both directions — concentrically and eccentrically. Your muscles work twice as hard and that means you can burn calories and build more muscle fiber in less time.

Maximum Results for Less Money

Variations in performing presses using free motion take your workouts to a new level. Both men and women seeking to make changes in their bodies will benefit from starting an at-home weight training program using one of these systems. NordicTrack home gyms should also prove to be a good fit; the compact footprint assures that you will be able to find space for this type of exercise equipment in your basement or rec room.