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Titan Home Gyms – The Ultimate System for High Caliber Workouts

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The intention of Titan Home Gyms is to be the only home fitness equipment you will ever need. With more than 100 exercises possible, the legendary Titan T1 lets any level of user from beginner to advanced bodybuilder push their training to the limit.

About the Company

There is only one Titan gym, which is the Titan T1. It was known by its original name of Conan in Europe up until 2005 when the name was changed to Titan. The brand is solely owned by Szultka Sport & Fitness Equipment of Poland. The designer, Stanislaw Szultka, created the Titan in 1998 as a system that would allow him to do many bodybuilding exercises using only one machine.

In the USA, Titan home gyms are distributed exclusively by Impulse Fitness, which is based in Draper, Utah.

About the T1Titan Home Gyms

At $7500 for the base model, and with more than a dozen add-ons available for different configurations, the Titan T1 home gym is not your everyday system. Constructed with quality components, the company says it requires over 130 hours by experienced craftsmen to build each Titan. As it is delivered 30% pre-assembled, the user can then follow the instructions provided by an assembly CD to put the Titan together in a few hours.

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The Titan T1 Smith Machine features three key components: a counter-balance Smith-hybrid system, a full free weight and cable/pulley suite, and an adjustable sliding bench. The T1 home gym allows you to perform well over 100 exercises including seated vertical leg press, horizontal leg press, assisted squats, lat pulldown, low row, pec fly, cable crossover, assisted pull ups/chin ups, dips, leg extensions, curls, seated and standing calf raises, and more. All exercises can be performed with or without counter balance.

“Achieve the Strength of the Titans”

Reviews on the Titan T1 are generally favorable. The multi-press system offers a smooth operation to help give your body a high caliber workout. It is a good choice for a complete home gym set-up, and can be found in training studios, corporate fitness centers, college strength training facilities, and more.

As an ultimate strength training system, the Titan T1 certainly gives you the ability to do most any exercise you can think of. It achieves its goal of replacing multiple pieces of equipment and doing so in a limited amount of space – about 10’ x 12’. But while these Titan Home Gyms seem to deliver it all, you might ask yourself if this system is overkill. You can do the same exercises on Smiths and power racks costing thousands of dollars less. Check out our review of the T1 to see what else we found out about this monster machine.